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    March Vegan Faves

    Oh how I adore food. I think since I’ve been vegan, my love for food has actually grown. I believe it has made me that little bit more adventurous with both my meals and snacks, always on the lookout for delicious cruelty free treats. Here are some of my favourite things that I’ve been eating this month! Haul

    Towards the end of February I placed a small order with Veggie Stuff. Now these are all items that I actually could’ve picked up in town (being vegan in Brighton is a piece of cake!), but I’m quite happy to go for the lazier option and be able to make the difficult decision of what food to buy from the comfort of my bed!

    VBites Cheatin’ Turkey Style Slices

    Whilst I’ve never eaten an actual dead turkey (ew), one thing I absolutely loved in pre-vegan times was Quorn’s turkey style slices, which sadly aren’t vegan as they contain egg and milk. These slices from VBites turned out to be a brilliant, delicious alternative! I had the slices in sandwiches with some Chippa May-O.

    VBites Cheatin’ Rashers

    Another old Quorn favourite of mine was their bacon slices. I just adored them. In a sandwich, with a fry up, on their own…they’re brilliant. So it made sense that I’d go for VBites’ bacon alternative too! Whilst I found this great in a sandwich or as part of a hangover fry up, it still doesn’t quite do it for me. I think it might be the texture – it’s a bit crumbly and weak in comparison to my previous bacon of choice.

    Terra Vegane Mac n Cheez (Cheddar)

    YUM YUM YUM. Vegan cheese products can be a little bit hit or miss for me; I wasn’t a fan of Sainsbury’s cheddar-style, I didn’t enjoy Violife slices in a sandwich, but I loved Violife melted on some toast. This mac n cheese is wonderful though. The pasta is great (so tiny and adorable!), and the cheese powder included to make the sauce is easy to use, it isn’t too strong or too weak tasting, and it’s easy to manipulate the consistency of the sauce. I got three very filling servings out of one box.

    Freedom Pink & White Vanilla Mallows

    Honestly? They just taste like any other marshmallows I’ve eaten before. A nice Flumpy taste and a soft, dreamy texture. Exactly the same as the rest. Just, y’know, without the boiled animal bones. Just PERFECT – I have nothing else to say!

    Asda Vegan Snack Haul

    Whilst shopping for some essentials for the family (including yet another bag of hay for Gizmo), I only really had one thing on my mind: snacks. Here are some highlights.

    Fabulous Freefrom Factory Dairy Free Fudge

    I was very happy with this purchase. A nice combination of crumbly and creamy texture in each bite. Just like the marshmallows I mentioned before, this item is every bit as good as its non-vegan counterparts. A perfect little sweet treat, which helped get me through a couple of late shifts at work!

    Asda Free From Caramel Rice Squares

    I’m still unsure of my feelings towards these. Decent chocolate, decent caramel, not a big fan of the crispy bit. It kinda took away from the sweetness of the caramel, it was just a bit TOO cerealy. Not quite the indulgent junk food I was after – I think I would’ve preferred just a normal shortbread base!

    Trek Protein Flapjacks

    I have become ADDICTED TO THESE. My favourite flavour is the Cocoa Coconut. I stock up in whichever flavours I can get whenever I go to a supermarket. I was so surprised when I first found out that these were vegan! Between 7-9g of protein per bar too, depending on which variety you buy, which is brilliant. So there you go – THAT is where I get my vegan protein from.

    Top Find

    Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These are just too good. I always pick up some of these. They have the perfect level of crunch, and they just taste just like regular cookies! I highly recommend these bad boys, for real.


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    I’ll be back next month with some more of my vegan favourites!

    Jess x