Hey! I’m Jess, I’m 18 and I live in Brighton, England.

I’m newly vegan after being a vegetarian since birth, and always looking for new vegan-friendly food and cosmetic products to try!

I have a house rabbit, Gizmo, who I adopted in February 2017.

I’m a feminist, of course, and have a lot to say about harassment, sexual assault, and general gender inequalities that are still hanging about. I’ve been a victim of assault on multiple occasions and it’s important to me that I at least try to influence some sort of change – so I’m very open about this topic.

I’m also very interested in makeup and The Aristocats.

This blog is really just about whatever I feel interested in writing about! Be sure to check out some of my previous posts to get an idea of what could pop up in the future.

For a bit more of an insight into what myself and this blog are like, read my first post.

Jess x