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I’m baaaaaack! It’s been a while. I became a little bit unmotivated and didn’t fancy writing at all for a while, and then Gizmo went through a bit of a funny time and decided to take it out on my laptop charger, and then once I got a new charger I fell back into a deep lack of motivation. My mental health hasn’t been so great lately; I’m deeply unsatisfied with my love life, my anxiety is convincing me that everything’s pointless, and my PTSD has been affecting my dreams again. I know I’ve just gotta keep on finding distractions and happy things! I’ll be okay. Let’s move on from that though – today I’m going to tell you about an order I received from a little while ago!

Why I Love is always my go-to when I fancy some new clothes. They’re very fairly priced, have a great range of styles, and very often have unmissable deals – from 20% off your order, to free next day delivery. Whenever I buy from, I try to push myself slightly out of my style comfort zone and try something new, and I always end up pleasantly surprised! Here’s what I bought…

Edie Strappy Cold Shoulder Jumper

I used to think the whole “cold shoulder” trend was a bit ridiculous. I just didn’t get it – what’s so great about having your shoulders out? However I did end up changing my opinion, and this item was my bold, anti-comfort zone purchase. At only £5, I had nothing to lose!

I bought a size S/M, in the colour Charcoal. It fits brilliantly, with a nice cropped cut which I think makes it look great teamed with a pair of high waist jeans.

This item is great for both the Spring and Autumn seasons, when you want to stay a little bit cosy in the cool air, but you’re still up for showing a bit of skin! This jumper has a lovely soft feel to it too, so I tend to wear it on its own as a top, rather than layering it up.

Vanessa Cactus Ankle Socks

These socks are simply ADORABLE. They come only in One Size, which fits my size 6 feet very comfortably. I was very pleased to find that there is very little distortion of the design on the front of the socks when wearing them! For just £3, these are a great way to add a little bit of fun to any outfit.

Polly ‘Caffeine Queen’ Slogan Tee

So this one is actually an item that is only available Boohoo’s Petite range, but I felt like it really spoke to me and I needed it in my life…

As it’s from the petite range, I decided to size up and get this in a 10 – which fits just right. I think the whole style and design of this t-shirt is really cute, and fits in with my style perfectly.

However, I do have some small complaints. This top does come up quite see through which can be a bit of a pain. On top of that, the print of the text is a very light shade of pink, making it difficult to read. I wish it was a bit bolder! But with that said, I think the quality is fair for £6.

Livia Wet Look Scuba Mini Skirt

This skirt is something straight outta Barbie’s wardrobe. As soon as I saw it in the shade Rose, I thought it would look great paired with the Caffeine Queen tee I just mentioned! Like a cute pink pastel dream.

It’s quite a dusty shade of pink, which I find makes it quite a versatile item. It also has a small slit on the left hand side. I can wear it on a night out, or I can layer it up and create a more sophisticated look.

At £8 this is one of the most expensive items of this haul, and I’m happy with that price because the quality of this product is great. The material is strong yet silky, and not cheap looking at all. I went for a size 8, which fits as well as high-waisted skirts usually fit me – snug around the bum, and slightly too loose around the waist. Really, this item was exactly as I expected it to be.

Flora Girl Gang Oversized T-Shirt

A top that expresses my passion for feminism and love for girls? Yes please! I’m so happy to see so many places selling clothing that encourages the empowerment of ladies (I have some great feminist tees from H&M which I’ve posted on my Instagram in the past). This top was £8 and I went for a size S in Black.

I love the slogan, which is printed very nice and bold and seems like it will last a long time. The top itself is nice and soft (which is always handy with my sensitive skin!). I just find that the sleeves and neckline come up a bit strange, somewhat unflattering. Perhaps I would’ve been better off going a size up to get the full “oversized” effect!


I’d definitely recommend checking out next time you fancy some new clothes – no matter what your personal style is like! I really do think they have something for everyone. On top of the time exclusive offers I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Boohoo also have a lot to offer in their sale and clearance sections – I spend a lot of time scrolling through them looking for a bargain or two!

I hope you enjoyed reading this – it was something a little bit different for me! I’ll try to get back into posting regularly very soon.

I’ll leave some links below to the items that I mentioned in this post. Do you have any go-to websites when it comes to clothes shopping? Let me know!

Jess x


Products Mentioned

Edie Strappy Cold Shoulder Jumper

Vanessa Cactus Ankle Socks

Polly ‘Caffeine Queen’ Slogan Tee

Livia Wet Look Scuba Mini Skirt

Flora Girl Gang Oversized T-Shirt

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